About Matt

I am an avid dancer (salsa and Argentine Tango) and love yoga. I lived in Japan for a decade, Philippines for a year and Indonesia for five. From 2000 to 2015 I had a job that took to 2 countries a month on average.  I saw the world in a blur; jet lag is tough. From 2015 the world-wide traveling stopped and I bought two additional properties: a six-bedroom house "Mi Casita" and a eight-bedroom house "Casa de Vida" with the goal to create community where all benefit.

Goal for the house

Seattle rents are out of reach for many.  Landlords are even getting out of the rental market due to stringent laws for renting apartments/houses.

For this, shared housing is becoming popular but it can be a slippery slope with 'good people' doing what they think is right; conflicts/misunderstandings can happen very quickly. 

I have incorporated a flow (Renter's Guide) that makes clear what is expected from each person but more importantly, it makes clear your rights.

I charge below-market rent with the goal to

1. help people reach their financial/personal goals

2. Allow me free time to focus on my passions: Dance/non-house owner work

My work:

I run RyugakuSuccess which is a career coaching company. I hold seminars abroad in such countries as Japan, Vietnam.  I'm also a founding member of Japan Plain English Language Consortium  JPELC a non-profit in Japan. This is my FB page-->

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