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About Matt

I am an avid dancer (salsa and Argentine Tango) and love yoga. I lived in Japan for a decade, Philippines for a year and Indonesia for five. From 2000 to 2015 I had a job that took me around the world 3-4 times in a year.  I saw the world in a blur; jet lag is tough. From 2015 the world-wide traveling stopped and I bought two additional properties: a six-bedroom house (Mi Casita) and a seven-bedroom house (Casa de Vida) with the goal to create community where all benefit.

What I do during the day

I manage my houses and having great housemates I expect to come for the occasional maintenance and to increase comfort.  I meet people; exercise; and am on the phone way too much (but I prefer that over texting). I try to avoid being in my car during rush hours (8am-945am and 245pm-7pm. Occasionally I work from a cool cafe. 

My work:

Besides teaching beginner level dance, I run RyugakuSuccess which is a career coaching business with a focus on international students.  Though the name 'Ryugaku' (meaning 'study abroad') is Japanese, I coach students from any country.  For fun I run  

MySeattleDanceVacation. I'm a founding member of Japan Plain English Language Consortium JPELC  and help other non-profits in Japan so I find myself there 3-4 times a year.  I also visit 1-2 other countries in a year in search of opportunities.