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"Casa" is one mile or (1.6 kilometers) to Rainier Beach Light Rail Station.  Bus 107 stops just 2 blocks from the house.  This house is 3,000 sq ft:  (2k main, 1k MIL)

The main house has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Men only

The downstairs apartment (MIL) has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Women only

All rooms have locks.

Rooms with furniture:

(Utilities/wifi/cleaning materials are included)

Main:   Rm 1 -> available 9/27    $675

             Rm 2 -> available 9/2      $675

             Rm 3 -> Available 9/1      $700

             Rm 4 -> Not Available       $700

             Rm 5->  Not Available       $475

Apt:      (Rent all of MIL-Apt for $1650)

             Rm 6->  Not Available       $900

             Rm 7 -> Not Available       $850


Pick up and drop off to nearest link station (Rainier Beach) in 3 minutes.

Youtube showing pick up at house:

Click to here to see details in PDF.


See images in English at bottom of page.

Main House

Casa de Vida
Front porch
Living room
Rm 1 Bachata
Rm 1 Bachata
Rm 2 Milonga
Rm 2 Milonga
Bathroom: Rm 1 & 2 share
Rm 3 Salsa
Rm 3 Salsa
Rm 4 Tango
Rm 4 Tango
Rm 5 El Capitan
Bathroom: Rm 3,4,5 share
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Entrance to Apartment
Living room
Bathroom: to be updated
Room 6-Bodega
Rm 7-Cortina
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