Shared living can be a great experience if approached with care and with clear communications.

Since 2016 I have experienced a household with much drama and a household where the house was clean, housemates pleasant and able to speak their mind. I prefer the later.


To reach this goal I created the Renter's Guide.  Since I host international students from time to time they have a slightly different process; steps 6/7.


As a person inquiring about a room please see steps 1 and 2 and then let me know 3 times/days* good for you.  Usually I can reply with a time/date and then you confirm. That's 3 messages instead of several.

Good/clean people: I know many people are good/clean people. But, without a process a house can soon spiral downward.  With a process, the house 1. stays pleasant 2. communication is fast and clear and 3. problems are solved quickly.  I like to say that the Renter's Guide is where common sense meets reality.  I hope the environment I provide is a match for you and your goals.

*Times/days: usually a viewing takes around 30 minutes: please give me the time you will arrive and the time you must depart. Example, 15th from 2pm-5pm.  This way I can schedule the thirty minutes within your timeframe.

For locals:

1. View Matt's

     A. Introduction

     B. Some added clarity

     C. FAQs

     D. Past stories making the house what it is now

2. View Renter's Guide

         Casa de Vida

3. Contact me introducing yourself

4. View property

5. Review contract

6. Reference check: any three

     current/past employer; current/past landlord,

     mentor, counselor, teacher. (No family/friends/coworkers)

7. Background/credit check (>600)

      use this link and choose "Gold Package"

8. Sign contract and pay holding deposit

9. Before or on move in, receive room key,

    pay 1st, deposit ($500), join House

    group on Messenger

10. Move in and receive front door code

For visa holders coming from abroad:

1-6 Same as for locals

7. Passport page/visa/school or work documents

      sending an image is alright

8-10 Same as for locals